Almost Back – Current Status and Plans

Hi everyone, the huge tasks of migrating the databases from the old site at that awful server on Siteground to the new servers is progressing slightly ahead of schedule. If you read the last message, you know we are also moving to a different content management system (something that this old SadGeezer can manage more easily).

So, as of 5th June, what has happened: Latest Comments and Current status:

  1. Moved all SadGeezer Domains to new servers
  2. Configured new servers and set up elastic IP
  3. Migrated old Drupal databases (users, posts etc.) and fixed the errors! Unfortunately we lost a LOAD of users when the database became corrupt while it was on Siteground (and subsequent backups!) this means that some of our awesome reviews are nameless!!! I’ve had to piece together their identities – if you have reviews on this site, please check that you have been credited and let me know if there are errors.
  4. Reformatted all old review posts (100% complete, but there are almost a thousand of these!)
  5. Reformatted all old Page posts (10% complete, only a couple of hundred to do but they are a lot more fiddly) – I actually discovered some of my old Jokes pages which I put up before the site was I think I’ll re-add them just as a distraction in case you are getting bored with sci fi reviews ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Moved all 35,000 forum posts (complete). We aren’t actively posting in SadBOARD yet as the forums need a little TLC before they will look nice again.

Things yet to do.

SadGeezer Logo
  1. Engage graphic artist (Mike are you still out there?) – Update of 11th June! YES!! Just managed to contact Mike (of Mbedd fame) and he has agreed to help with the improvement (graphics stuff) to the site – sooooo excited, he’s a terrific artist!
  2. Update theme (This will be done gradually as the content is brought back online). It’s basically about making sure that the reviews are accessible and easy to view. So, search engine will be re-vamped etc.
  3. Set up side block content & menus
  4. Anti Spam and security improvements
  5. (some other stuff I hadn’t thought of) Mainly modules to help keep the site up and running (load balancing, automated backups etc.)

As you can see, the main emphasis is on getting the review content up to scratch so that it can be accessed and read by visitors. Once that is done, I’ll be able to do all the other bells and whistles stuff. Hopefully in June/July.

I expect to have completed the migration of posts and be a good way through the pages (menus and navigation) in a couple of weeks so you should be seeing some nice improvements by then.

Once that is done, we will be banging out a HUGE number of show and series reviews including games, anime and cool and unheard of films. We will also be starting up the SadCASTs again (just for fun). Myself and Newkate are really keen to get the old band back together and continue generating sci fi review and recommendation content for you from a position of love (of the shows and of course other sci fi fans! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

We also have a BIG burn to find a mechanism of helping you get your hands on more of the cool sci fi stuff out there that is really accessible but not widely known about – for instance, wadda-bout the awesome Russian, high production value, stupendously well acted and gripping show that has the silliest premise but is amazing to watch – The Sniffer?! if you liked that, then you might like etc.

Lots of exciting stuff to come, please, please, please, stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚